Discounts for Digital Download of images (1-2 = £10 each, 3-5 = £7 each, 6-10 = £6 each). If you spend £80 or more on prints, postage is free.


Love is in the air portfolio Our wedding engagement (pre) shoot is designed so you, and your partner, can get used to being photographed before the big day. We find out what you do, and do not want to do, on your actual wedding day making everything far more enjoyable. Also great for trying out your proposed bridal shoot location or just a special place that means something to you and your partner. Feel the love . . . Photobooth frolics portfolio Our wedding photobooth service is always a popular option to add an additional set of wedding images using professional portable studio lights and a plain background. Also great for those smaller family group portraits with everyone all dressed up. We set this up during your evening dance when everyone is at their most relaxed and is always great fun for young and old alike!
The Details! portfolio "The Devil is in the detail" (they say). Here's a random selection of images showing those details - shoes, rings, dress details, cake, flowers etc. All those special little things that most wedding couples plan for to make their wedding day unique and personal to them. At Studiograff Photography we use our eye for detail, composition, lighting (and specialist lenses) to help capture all this, that most miss! 
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